Symbiotic Housing

Project : Europan 11 Competition

Program : Housing

Team : Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim, Stacy Choi

Year : 2011

Location : Deventer, The Netherlands




In order to promote an entrepreneurial environment it is necessary to understand the symbiotic relationship that exists between the resident species, in this case corporate executives, students, recent graduates, and local artists. These group of residents can thrive together by collaborating as a cooperative. By providing spaces where all of these groups can coexist each member can benefit from the other. The recent graduated student can begin learning about how to develop a business from the executives. The executives can teach classes on entrepreneurship. Spaces can be provided for the production of their craft and for that of the local artists so that a neighborhood of talented individuals can grow. All of their work can be showcased through the site, not only providing intellectual and visual stimulation but also a chance for an artist to be noticed and jump start their career. The social aspect of interaction is also highlighted throughout the project. Public and semi-public spaces, provide the chance for networking, and growing a business.

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