New Micro District

Project : Speculative Proposal

Program : Housing

Team : Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim

Year : 2014

Location : Pyongyang, N. Korea




The Micro-district is the key concept for structuring residential blocks in socialist cities. Similar to Pery's Neighborhood Unit theory, the micro-district is composed with residential units, service facilities and schools, so that a district can work as a basic unit for living. However, the unique factor of the Micro-District, compare to the neighborhood unit theory, is that it also has 'production' facilities within a unit, such as work shops, light factories and manufacturing facilities. The purpose of it is to have the shortest distance between living and working space as well as to have a full sustaining unit that not only consumes products, but also produces them. Therefore, the spatial ownership of a resident in a micro-district is not limited to the residential unit, it also includes the ownership of the working space. 

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