I Want to be METROPOLITAN; Boston Case Study

Project : Research Publication

Authors : Dongwoo Yim, Rafael Luna

Edited with : 

Christopher Guignon, Non Arkaraprasertkul

Illustrations :  

Nemuel Depaula, Emily  Ko, Ashley Reed, Stacy Choi, Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim

Graphic Design : 

Nemuel Depaula

Publisher : ORO Editions

Year : 2012

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I Want to be METROPOLITAN is a research on small scale metropolises, using Boston as a case study to provide a different reading of the city. The study focuses on showing the efforts that the city of Boston has made in order to grow with metropolitan characteristics while remaining at a much smaller scale than cities like New York, London, or Tokyo. The morphology of Boston has been achieved through different metropolitan interventions that occur at different scales. These are divided at an infrastructural scale, urban scale, and architectural scale. By means of analyzing these different aspects, we can compose a vision of a future Boston, or Fictitious Boston, derived from its metropolitan potential.

In present days, urban topics and strategies mainly focus on cities with extreme conditions such as density, congestion, and fast growth. This book intents to create a dialogue that addresses the missing topics in urbanism for smaller, slower, and much more stable cities. Chapter four becomes a conclusion by introducing our vision of new projects for the city of Boston to generate an open conversation about the topic. This leads us to the possible implementation of the research topic and methodology on other cities similar in size and pace to Boston.

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