Curated / Designed Exhibitions

Participated Exhibitions

Mapping Seoul

Seoul Biennale of Architecture and Urbanism 2019 photo by Hyosook Chin

100 Architects of the Year 2018 Poster

100 Architects of the Year 2018 Jeju, S. Korea

한강건축상상전 2017 Seoul, S. Korea

Here, There and Everywhere; Eurasian Cit

Here, There and Everywhere; Eurasian City Gwangju, S. Korea

건축가협회 100인 국제전 2015

건축가협회 100인 국제전 2015 Seoul, S. Korea

한강건축상상전 2015

한강건축상상전 2015 Seoul, S. Korea


Crow's Eye_Arko 2015 Seoul, S. Korea

SoDA Gallery

SoDA Gallery Hwaseong, S.Korea

2015_Tina Kim Gallery

Crow's Eye_Tina Kim Gallery 2015 New York, USA

2014_RISD Exhibition

RISD Exhibition 2014 Providence, USA

DNA Galerie

DNA Galerie Berlin, Germany


MoMA_Cut ’n’ Paste New York, USA

Architectural League Prize

Architectural League Prize New York, USA

RISD Faculty Biennial

RISD Faculty Biennial Providence, USA

The Harlem Edge

Emerging New York Architects Exhibition 2012 New York, USA

Urban Intervention

Urban Intervention Seattle 2012 Seattle, USA

AIA Emerging Professionals

AIA Emerging Professionals 2012 Washington, DC, USA

Global Young Architects

Global Young Architects 2011 Seoul, S. Korea