Densifying Housing

Project : Europan 11 Competition

Program : Housing

Team : Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim, Stacy Choi

Year : 2011

Location : Wien, Austria




Public transportation is the key word in sustainable city these days. Despite of increase of individual cars, people are relying on public transportation more and more for commuting to work everyday. Therefore, densifying an area around transportation hub became a sustainable solution these days. The project site has very strong potential to be a focal point of the city because of its various urban mobility. Hence, both densifying of the site and introducing various urban programs in it are proposed to realize the potential possibilities. Underground level can be used very actively in a relation to the access to train platform. It is not only for train passengers but also for general public in the city because the area can be accessed very easily from any part of the city thanks to tram and bus networks.

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