Busan Opera House

Project : International Competition

Program : Opera House, Theater

Floor Area : 52,000 m2

Team : Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim, Stacy Choi

Year : 2011

Location : Busan, S. Korea




The concept starts from how multiple performance facilities can share common program. One way is to share public space such as foyers and the other is to share theatre function itself. We found out an interesting potential of theatre that when one performance facility share its theatre function with other facilities, various types of performance stages could be created by transformation of stage and chamber facilities. Unlike having a fixed performance stage and sharing common public space, it is a way of providing a variety of experience to the audience as well as using the opera house more efficient way.
We developed a transformable “cylinder” not only for stage/chamber function but also for structural stability. Multiple disks in the “cylinder” can move vertically depends on type and size of performance you need and numbers of performances at the same time. This vertical movement also creates void that provides visual connection between floors/masses so that a performance can be shown to audience in various ways. Also these disks can rotate so that performance can happen in multiple directions as well.

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