Project : Architectural League Exhibition

Architectural League Prize 2013

Team : Rafael Luna, Dongwoo Yim

Year : 2013

Location : New York, NY




In the PRAUD-Range exhibition, PRAUD mapped out all of their projects to show the range of their works as well as the range of architects' roles. As their name PRAUD (Progressive Research, Architecture, Urbanism, and Design) indicates, they laid out the projects by the types of works they do to present how PRAUD is structured and which area they are focused on. From the right, they rearranged the projects by the roles of architects as a dreamer, practitioner, researcher and theorist. This is the way how PRAUD see themselves as architects to give personality and identity that distinguish themselves from others.

It is very important to present all of their works as one single map, instead of just showing some outstanding ones, and interrelate each project to the other to share the idea and the structure of PRAUD and their works with others. Therefore, the exhibition is not focusing on presenting projects, but rather focusing on the way how PRAUD has been developing their own identity and where they will move towards. 

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